Kim Mathers, President of MBK Financial Consultants, Inc.

Summer 2012

Interview with Kim Mathers, President of MBK Financial Consultants, Inc.  
-by Habiba Hussain, MST Student


In April I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Kim Mathers, President of MBK Financial Consultants, Inc. and San Jose State University MST Alumna, Class of 1991. 

I was able to interview Ms. Mathers when she visited San Jose with her son in April. They were visiting college campuses and she was kind enough to take time out to share advice on a career in tax, the importance of pursuing a higher degree, and the impact of the MST program on her career path.

As a native Coloradan, Ms. Mathers earned her Bachelors in Accounting from Colorado State University and subsequently moved to San Jose to earn her MST degree. According to Ms. Mathers it was a good decision as she was able to gain greater technical knowledge and a broader perspective on the nuances of tax accounting. She credits this foundation as giving her the confidence to branch out and start her own company. Ms. Mathers worked in the public accounting industry in Silicon Valley and this operational experience gave her the edge to start her own consultancy in San Diego. MBK specializes in providing asset based lending audits to financial institutions.  Customers with accounts receivable and/or inventory lines of credit are examined to help determine if sufficient collateral is in place to warrant the potential or existing line of credit.

Ms. Mathers had this advice to give to present and future MST students: pursue a higher level of education in the tax field as it is constantly changing; it is imperative to keep up to date with the current issues in order to succeed in this industry. In addition, graduating MST students would benefit from a CPA review course to brush up on their accounting knowledge and she advised they obtain CPA certification rapidly after graduation.

When asked what advice she would give to students to best prepare for the recession-era job market, she said that along with good grades it is vital to gain experience. She stated that internships or volunteer programs provided excellent opportunities to network with professionals and gain an edge in these hard economic times.

Ms. Mathers was a very personable and confident individual. I found her to be a great role model who expressed enthusiasm for helping young people achieve their full potential and succeed in the tax field. I am glad I had the chance to speak with Ms. Mathers and this gives me the motivation that I too can accomplish my goals in the tax field.