Information for Minor Students

The minor in Mexican American studies is a unique interdisciplinary program of study that supplements any undergraduate major by providing a well-rounded introduction to Chicano/Latino communities, including their histories, cultures, and politics.

Imagine that your major is a camera, an instrument that you bring up to your eye in order to see the world in a new way. Well, a Minor in Mexican American Studies is like a special filter on your camera’s lens, an added layer that heightens your overall view in that camera. The MAS minor complements any major! For example, if you major in Sociology, then the MAS minor provides the historical and cultural knowledge to take your major into Chicana/o communities. If you major in Art, you will have a broader understanding of the issues most important to Chicana/o communities and how they are expressed in art. One Engineering major even said, “My MAS classes were my ‘fun’ classes--they kept me sane!”

It only takes six courses to fulfill the minor. If you are interested in making it a part of your academic journey, feel free to contact the minor advisor, Dr. Magdalena Barrera (, who will explain the process, assist you in filling out the forms, and help you determine which courses best suit your interests and schedule. Join MAS today!