Contact an Advisor

Use this form for all advising questions, including:

  • Who is my advisor?
  • How do I get an advising hold removed?
  • What do I need to do to change my major to math?

You may also contact the advising coordinator directly:

Bradley Jackson:; MH 316; 408-924-5129

Additional information can be found on the Math Advising Blog.

DO NOT USE THIS FORM for other issues or questions, including:

  • Why can't I enroll in a particular Math Course?
  • Do I have to take a Math Workshop?
  • When I try to enroll in a class it says that I don't meet the prerequisites.

For these and other questions, please first read the resources in this website (typically under Calculus or Courses) and, if your question is still not answered, contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Office, MacQuarrie Hall 308; (408)924-5100;