List of Advisors

Here is a list of advisors. If there are several advisors assigned to your degree program, you still need to see your assigned advisor. The Math Department Staff has a list of majors and their advisors. If you do not have an advisor, fill out and submit a request by clicking on "Contact Us".

Degree Program


BA Math*

Prof. Blockus and Prof. Hsu

BA Math, Prep for Teaching*

Prof. Saleem and Prof. Roddick

BSAM, Concentration in Applied and Computational Math*

Prof. Jackson and Prof. Koev

BSAM, Concentration in Economics and Actuarial Science*

Prof. Bremer, Prof. Crunk, and Prof. So     

BSAM, Concentration in Statistics

Prof. Bremer

* If there is more than one advisor listed for your major, you will be assigned an advisor. You need to see your assigned advisor.