List of Advisors

Here is a list of advisors. If there are several advisors assigned to your degree program, you still need to see your assigned advisor.

The Math Department Staff has a list of majors and their advisors. Every math major is assigned an official advisor.  If you don’t know who your official advisor is, contact Prof. Jackson

If you do not have an advisor, fill out and submit a request here: Contact Us.

Degree Program


BA Math*

Prof. Blockus and Prof. Hsu

BA Math, Prep for Teaching*

Prof. Saleem and Prof. Roddick

BSAM, Concentration in Applied and Computational Math*

Prof. Gross and Prof. Fryer

BSAM, Concentration in Economics and Actuarial Science*

Prof. Jackson

BSAM, Concentration in Statistics

Prof. Chen

Math Minor

Prof. Blockus

MA/MS Math Prof. So     
MS Stat Prof. Gottlieb

* If there is more than one advisor listed for your major, you will be assigned an advisor. You need to see your assigned advisor.