Calculus Enrollment

This page answers "Why can't I enroll in Calculus?" The questions apply to Math 19, Math 30, Math 30P, Math 30PL, Math 31, Math 32, Math 71.

1. Is this your first time enrolling?

  • Students that are repeating cannot enroll until the 1st day of classes.
  • Students that are repeating 3+ times must fill out the Petition to Enroll in a Course More Than Two Times for Undergraduate Students, which can be found on the AARS Forms page under the letter "R."

 2. Are you under your unit cap?

  • Probation → 16 units
  • Continuing Students → 19 units
  • Graduating seniors → 19 units
Math 19: 5 units Math 30PL: 6 units Math 31: 4 units Math 71: 3 units
Math 30P: 5 units Math 30: 3 units Math 32: 3 units  

If the workshop (+1 unit) puts you over your unit cap, you may opt-out of the workshop. Check out the Workshop Opt-Out Information page for more details on the workshops and opting-out.

3. Have you satisfied your prerequisites?

Check the prerequisites carefully at Math Placement and Prerequisites.

4. Did you check to make sure that your schedule does not have any time conflicts?

Also, please make sure that your workshop section and lecture section do not meet at the same time.  They have separate meeting patterns and must be searched for separately. 

 5. Are you trying to enroll in a restricted section?

(ONLY APPLIES TO ADVANCED REGISTRATION) If the error message states "ERROR: Department Consent Required," the section is restricted and we will not be giving out permission codes for them.  You will need to find a Non-Restricted Section.

6. Did you enroll in the required corequisite workshop?

Math 19: Math 19W Math 30:   Math 30W Math 31: Math 31W
Math 30P: Math 30W Math 71: Math 71W

The workshop must be searched for separately on MySJSU.

  • The workshop and lecture sections have different meeting patterns, so please do not select sections with the same meeting pattern.
  • Both the lecture and the workshop section must be in your shopping cart before proceeding to Step 2 of 3 in the enrollment process.
  • Please note that the workshop is 1 unit.
  • You will need permission numbers for BOTH the lecture and the workshop after the first day of classes. 

7. Are the lecture and the workshop BOTH open?

You will not be able to enroll in a closed or wait-listed classes. 

8. Are the class and the workshop both in your shopping cart?

Both the lecture and the workshop section must be in your shopping cart before proceeding to Step 2 of 3 in the enrollment process. 

If you can answer "yes" to all of these questions and are still not able to enroll,
contact the Math Office for further assistance.