This is the section of the math department website about Calculus (and more generally, lower division) courses, their requirements, and the Calculus Placement Exam (CPE).

Calculus Placement Exam

See CPE Information for general information about the CPE, CPE Preparation for review, and you MUST sign up for the exam BEFORE to the day of the exam (CPE Schedule). Registrations are not allowed on the same day as the exam.


Class CPE Sections Required Score
Math 30P & 42 Parts I & II at least 35/57 combined score
Math 30 Parts I & II at least 47/57 combined score
Math 71 Part I at least 20/32 Part I score
Students who earn less than 35 are only eligible to take Math 19 (for Math 30P/30 and 71)  or Math 8 (Math 71 only)
Math 8 is recommended for anyone who scores less than 20.

Math Department Workshops

The Math Department offers a series of workshops to help students succeed and excel for particular Math courses. Students in Math 19, Math 30, Math 30P, Math 31, and Math 71 are required to register in a workshop section when they register for the lecture--both courses need to be in your shopping cart when you check out. If you have trouble registering for any of these courses, please contact the Math Department Office: MH 308 or phone: (408) 924-5100. Voluntary workshops are also offered for Math 8, Math 32, Math 42, and Math 133A. The Math Department Workshops page has more information about workshops and addresses common questions about enrolling in workshops.

Additional Information

  • ACT, SAT and AP Calculus AB/BC: If a student meets a requirement or prerequisite because of a test score, but the score is not part of their official record yet, they can submit an unofficial score to the Math Department in person or via email ( The official scores still need to be submitted to the registrar to become part of the student record.
  • Open University Students: Students, who are repeating a class or who are taking the class through Open University/Continuing Education, CANNOT register before the first day of class. These students should attend a section of the class and the instructor will have further instructions.
  • ELM/Math Remediation: The CPE does not exempt students from passing the ELM requirement. Likewise, the ELM is not sufficient to qualify students for Calculus, but is one of the required prerequisites. The ELM and CPE are two different tests, administered by two separate departments. Any questions regarding the ELM should be directed to .