Math Department Workshops

Spring 2014 Workshop Evaluation

The Math Department at San Jose State now offers a series of workshops designed to help students succeed and excel in their lower division math courses.

Required Workshops for Math 19, Math 30, Math 30P, Math 31 and Math 71

Students in Math 19, Math 30, Math 30P, Math 31 and Math 71 are required to sign up for the corresponding workshop (Math 19W, Math 30W, Math 31W, Math 71W) when they sign up for their , Math 19, Math 30, Math 30P, Math 31 and Math 71, lecture course. The lecture course and the workshop must both be in your shopping cart at the same time when you are checking out. If you have trouble registering for any of these course, contact the Math Office, MH 308, 1-408-924-5100. In the workshops, students work together in small groups on challenging problems to help them understand Precalculus and Calculus concepts more deeply and lay the groundwork for success in Calculus and in other future math courses. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the workshops, and students in Precalculus and Calculus workshops are encouraged to form student study groups and continue working on their precalculus homework together outside of class. Students who participate in Math Department workshops end up with an average grade of about 0.5 to 1.0 grade points higher than those who do not participate in the workshops.

Opting Out of a Required Workshop

While we strongly encourage all students to take the workshops for Math 19, Math 30, Math 30P, Math 31 and Math 71, students can opt out of a required workshop by filling out the Opt-Out Request Form online. Before opting out of the workshop, we ask students to attend at least one workshop and supply us with a reason why you are unable to take the workshop. It is especially important for all students with less than a B in a prerequisite course to take the workshop since they are at a much higher risk of not passing the course.

Changing Workshops

Changing a workshop after the First Day of Instruction can be done by obtaining a Permission Number for the new workshop then approach the Registrar's Office with the Permission Number and other appropriate information. They will help you switch the workshops while allowing you to stay enrolled in the same lecture.

Voluntary Workshops

Voluntary workshops are offered for Math 8, Math 32 and Math 42. While students are again strongly encouraged to take these workshops (Math 8W, Math 32W, Math 42W), they are not required to sign up for the workshop when they register for the course.