Course Announcements

Fall 2017

Enrolling in Classes with Co-requisite Workshops

  • Math 19 Precalculus & Math 19W
  • Math 30P Calculus I with Precalculus & Math 30W
  • Math 30 Calculus I & Math 30W
  • Math 31 Calculus II & Math 31W
  • Math 71 Calculus for Business and Aviation & Math 71W

These classes have required co-requisite workshops. In order to enroll in them, students need to get a permission number (aka add code) from the instructor of their lecture. Then fill out Fall 2017 Math Enrollment and Opt-out Request Form which will give you the option to request to be added to a workshop or to waive the workshop requirement. You will not be able to enroll one of these classes on your own, you must fill out the form and the department will add it for you. It can take up to 3 business days for the request to be processed. An email confirmation will be sent once a request processed.

Math 8, 32, 42, 123 and 133A also have workshops that are optional. Students can add the lecture on their own with the permission number. To add a workshop, you will need to fill out the Fall 2017 Math Enrollment and Opt-out Request Form

Important Opt-Out/Add Deadlines

  • Because of the drop deadline, we will no longer be accepting requests to drop workshops or switch classes starting at 4pm on Wednesday, September 6.
  • After September 6, students who wold like to drop or switch classes will need to submit a Late Drop Petition
  • We will still be able to add students to workshops and lectures (including those who are not currently enrolled in a workshop and would like to opt-out) until 4 pm on Wednesday, September 13.
  • After September 13, students who would like to add classes will need to submit a Late Add Petition.

ENGR 100W for Math Majors

The College of Engineering has allowed us to enroll Math majors into ENGR 100W (space permitting). You will need to go to the Engr 100W class and get an add code from the instructor. If you try to enroll and you still get an error, you can come into the Math office so we can override the error.

Unit Cap

Initially, most students are able to enroll in up to 16 units. Graduating seniors who filed for graduation by 3/20/17 may enroll in up to 19 units starting June 30. Continuing students who are in good standing may enroll in up to 19 units starting July 7.

Excess Unit Petitions (to allow up to 21 units) will be available on the Registrar's Forms page starting August 7 for graduating seniors and continuing students in good standing to request a higher unit cap.

Repeating Courses

Students who are repeating a course cannot enroll until the first day of classes. You will need to go to the class and request a permission number from the Instructor.

If this will be more than your 2nd time taking the course, you will also need a Petition to Repeat a Course (from AARS).