Course Announcements

(Spring 2019 Updates)

The summer and fall enrollment and opt-out request forms follow:


Unit Cap

When advanced registration opens, all students will be able to enroll in up to 16 units. Graduating seniors (for Spring, Summer, or Fall 2018) may enroll in up to 19 units starting December 30. Continuing students who are in good standing may enroll in up to 19 units starting January 12.

Excess Unit Petitions (to allow up to 21 units) will be available on the Registrar's Forms page starting January 8.

Repeating Courses

Students who are repeating a course cannot enroll until the first day of classes. You will need to go to the class and request a permission number from the Instructor.

If this will be more than your 2nd time taking the course, you will also need to submit a Petition to Repeat a Course (from AARS). For the petition, you will need to get your instructor signature and then bring the form to the College of Science Dean's office (Science 127) to get the Associate Dean's signature.