Jared Maruskin

Jared Maruskin

Assistant Professor Jared Maruskin

MacQuarrie Hall, Room 310
Phone: (408)924-5092
Email: jared.maruskin@sjsu.edu


Research Areas

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems
  • Geometric Mechanics
  • General Relativity
  • Astrodynamics


I am interested in the geometric theory of mechanics. I have done work on the geometric meaning of quasi-velocities in nonholonomic mechanics, variational nonholonomic dynamics, and nonholonomic mechanical control problems, which has led me to a generalization of the equation for cubic splines on SO(3). This research has potential applications for the mathematical understanding of optimal reorientation of free rigid bodies, such as satellites or the international space station. I am also interested in tracking space debris. In particular I am working on a new algorithm for computing orbit determinations for a gravitationally bound, Earth-orbiting object given two observations of the debris particle by optical telescopes that might be separated in time by several days.