Teaching Credential Programs

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If you are interested in obtaining a Foundational Level credential, San Jose State can help you. If you have a preliminary credential or are in the process of applying for one in any area you may add on a Foundational Level credential. A Foundational level credential authorizes you to teach in the following mathematics content areas: general mathematics, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, and consumer mathematics. 

In addition to passing Mathematics CSET’s 1 and 2, you must take MTED 394 (Methods and Materials for Teaching Foundational Level Mathematics). This course is designed to help you teach the mathematics content taught grades 6-8.

San Jose State offers this course once a year at a reduced cost to all students. Once you have read the FAQ, please complete the Google Form and you will be contacted to set up a time for an advising appointment. We also have advising sessions already scheduled.

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Julie Sliva Spitzer, PHD
Professor, Mathematics Education
San Jose State University