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 What do SJSU ME Alumni have to say?

Chinh D. Bui, BSME 2013
Applications Engineer, Akribis Systems Inc.

I work for Akribis Systems, a linear and direct drive motor manufacturer based in Singapore. Currently I am responsible for support and sales for the entire United States. I am getting a wide range of cutting edge industry exposure, from picking and placing tiny hard disk heads (less than 1mm square) to cutting a 300mm wafer with a laser. What I learned (and didn't learn) in Mechatronics Systems Design (ME190) is coming back full force; compounded headaches tuning current loop, velocity loop, position loop within each other...

Many thanks to you and the ME department, without whom I would not be doing what I enjoy as a career so quickly after graduation.
Keep me in the loop when your other engineer graduates come looking for motion control products.