Part-time Faculty

The Department is blessed with a large pool of technically superior practicing engineers from Silicon Valley industries who teach part-time for our department.  Many of them have doctoral degrees in engineering.  They bring to our classes their rich industrial experience and further prepare our students  for real-world career development.


Davood Abdollahian

Abdollahian, Davood, PhD, UC Berkeley

Advisory Engineer (retired) Areva, Inc.
Classes Taught:  ME113, ME130, ME221

  (408) 888-7314

mehrdad alipour Burlingame, Bryan MS San Jose State University

Mechanical Engineer,
Classes Taught:  ME30

(408) 924-3850

mehrdad alipourChan, Eduardo PhD Caltech

Consultant in CAD and FEA
Classes Taught: ME 160, ME 165, ME101, ME 273, ME 274, ME240


nik djordjevic Djordjevic, Nik MS UCLA

Manager, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Classes Taught:  AE 110, AE 210, AE 262, AE 267, AE 275, ME114, ME113, ME164
(650)-999-1287  ·


Grushkowitz, Tyler BS San Jose State University

Mechanical Design Engineer, SunPower Corporation
Classes Taught:  ME115

(510) 875-5399 ·

ab hashemiHardikar, Kedar, PhD Brown University

Staff Scientist, Miasole
Classes Taught:  ME101, ME114, ME260


Dr. RahimiHemati, Neyram PhD Cornell University

Senior Electromagnetic Engineer, Nikon Research Corporation
Classes Taught:  ME 101, ME187, ME280

(408) 761-1467 ·


starHunter, Jeanine

Classes Taught:  AE114, AE140, AE165, AE168, ME101

(408) 924-3850 · · Prof. Hunter's webpage

sargon ishayaIshaya, Sargon  MS Stanford, Registered Mechanical Engineer, LEED AP

Principal, Pragmatic Professional Engineers
Classes Taught:  ME183

(408) 813-2970 · 

Kabbani Hussam Kabbani, Hussameddine, PhD

Mechanical Engineer
Classes Taught:  ME111

(408) 924-3850 ·

paul kutler
Kutler, Paul PhD Iowa State University, MSM Stanford

Advanced Fliers, LLC; Deputy Director (retired), NASA-Ames 
Classes Taught:  ME111

(408) 482-1028 · · Dr. Kutler's website

paul kutler

Manickam, Sathish, PhD

Classes Taught:  ME101, ME114

(408) 924-3850 ·

James Mokri Mokri, James

Engineer (retired), GE Nuclear Energy
Classes Taught:  ME115, ME170, ME199

(831) 238-2029 ·

ananda mysoreMysore, Ananda MS UNC Charlotte

President & Principal Engineer, Angle Systems LLC
Classes Taught:  ME120

(408) 306-4537 · · Prof. Mysore's website

paul kutler

Rahimi, Ali , PhD UC Berkeley

Classes Taught:  ME101, ME102, ME147, ME157, ME187, ME243, ME280

(408) 276-2986   Dr. Rahimi's website

paul kutler

Rongere, Francois

Classes Taught:  ME172, ME101

(415) 517-0946 ·

paul kutler

Signorelli, Michael, MS San Jose State University

Classes Taught:  ME120, ME165

(408) 924-3850 ·

paul kutler

Shabany, Younes

Classes Taught:  ME230, ME211, ME210, ME221

(408) 576-6765

Mark Sullivan Sullivan, Mark MS University of Arizona, PE

Senior Staff Optical Engineer, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Classes Taught:  ME250

(650) 919-3847 · · Prof. Sullivan's website

paul kutler

Thurlow, Ernest

Classes Taught:  ME182, ME11, ME113, ME200

(408) 504-6086·

paul kutler

Tsou, Rex

Classes Taught:  ME113

(408) 924-3850 ·

ken youssefi Youssefi, Ken PhD UC Berkeley

Lecturer/Consultant, in ME and product design, CAD
Classes Taught:  ME19, ME20, ME101, ME154, ME157, and ME265

(510) 642-4483 · (408) 924-4142 · · Dr. Youssefi's website

paul kutler

Zaidi, Francois

Classes Taught:  ME113

(609) 558-1227 ·