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 Tentative Schedule of MSME Classes Spring 2018-Fall 2020 


Steps for Completing your Master’s Degree

Steps to Complete your Graduate Degree -- Follow these guidelines carefully. This site  includes instructions related to satisfying the Graduate Writing Requirement (GWAR), applying for candidacy, and much more. Note that GWAR must be satisfied before you can apply for candidacy.

Candidacy Form: Must be approved by the department and GAPE before starting your MS project or thesis. Submit to the department a minimum of two weeks before the last day to add classes -- ideally sooner.

For more information on these and other topics related to your MS degree, check out


MSME Project Deadlines

11/16/18       Project initiation meeting: 5 - 6 pm at 285/287

By 11/31/18  a. Search for possible projects. 
                   b. Contact the ME professors and select a project committee chair


By 12/10/18  a. Form the advisory committee
                    b. Prepare a draft of the project proposal
                    c. Have the proposal reviewed and approved by the advisory committee
                    d. Be ready to submit the proposal to the department office


2/12/19        Last day to add the ME 295A and ME299-I courses. 


ME 295a/b MS Project and ME 299 MS Thesis


Check our our webpage for course syllabi to find syllabi for ME 295a/b and ME 299.

Sample MSME Project Proposal

ME Thesis/project Guidebook

University thesis guidelines for ME 299 students 


MSME Project Forms: 

GraduateThesis/Project Proposal -- proposal cover/signature page

Graduate Thesis/Project Proposal Evaluation Form -- each committee member must evaluate; submit completed form to ME office with proposal and proposal cover page no later than a week before the last day to add.

Graduate Thesis/Project Assessment Form -- bring three copies to your end-of-semester presentations with top information completed

Consultation Records -- turn in completed form to your committee chair at your end-of-semester presentation

Oral Presentation/Recommended Grade Form  -- bring completed (but unsigned) form to your end-of-semester presentation

Compilation of Past Thesis/Project Titles, 1990-2013