BSME Senior Project

Notable past projects

Formula Hybrid race car (2009-2010)

Formula Hybrid Car

Solar Icemaker team (2007-2010)

Zem car (2007-2009)

Zem car on street

General course information



     Greensheet (pdf)
     Project Proposal Format
     Presentation #1 Guidelines (pdf)
     Presentation #2 Guidelines (pdf)
     Presentation #3 Guidelines (pdf)
     ME195A Talk on Report Writing 
     ME195A Writing Assignment 1  pdf 
     ME195A Writing Assignment 1 Rubric 
     ME195 Individual Evaluation Form
     Engr/ME 195a presentation: Effect of Technology on                Society
     Online Module for Engr/ME195A


    Greensheet (pdf)
     ME195B Individual Writing Assignment
     ME 195B Final Presentation Guideline
     ME195B Final Report Evaluation Rubric
     ME195B Final Oral Presentation Rubric
     Prototype Evaluation Rubric
     ME195B Senior Design Presentation Schedule
     Senior Design Project Report Template 

Reference Information

    ME195AB Report Writing, Outline and Timeline
    How to Write a Technical Professional Report
    2018-02-14 Effective Technical Presentation