The MEMS Laboratory at SJSU has 1300 sq. ft. of space dedicated to research and education in MEMS and microfluidics. Key pieces of equipment have been acquired thanks to generous donations from companies including Agilent Technologies, Integrated Device Technology (IDT), Intel Corporation, and Xilinx.

Partner Facilities

For most microfabrication needs, lab members use the SJSU Microelectronics Process Engineering Laboratory, which has wafer processing capabilities including photolithography, thermal oxidation, dopant diffusion, plasma etching, wet chemical etching, sputtering, evaporation, and wafer bonding. For advanced characterization needs, lab members benefit from shared capabilities across the SJSU Materials Characterization and Metrology Center.

Special-Purpose Instruments

  • Agilent 5500 AFM atomic force microscope
  • Veeko Wyko NT9100 optical profiler
  • Cascade L50 microfluidics test platform
  • Olympus IX51 fluorescence inverted microscope
  • Alessi Remote 5000 microelectronics probe station
  • Sutter MP-285 motorized nano-positioner
  • Harrick PDC-001 plasma chamber
  • Anatech Hummer VI thin-film deposition system


Engineering software packages with license support in the MEMS Lab include COMSOL Multiphysics, ANSYS, MATLAB, and LinkCAD.