Faculty / Staff

Quick-look teaching faculty emails for Fall 2018:

Note: firstname.lastname (at) sjsu.edu should work for everybody!

Alison Bridger - alison.bridger@sjsu.edu Chair

Sen Chiao - sen.chiao@sjsu.edu

Craig Clements - craig.clements@sjsu.edu

Eugene Cordero - eugene.cordero@sjsu.edu 

Minghui Diao - minghui.diao@sjsu.edu

Elizabeth Walsh - elizabeth.walsh@sjsu.edu (on sabbatical 8/18-8/19)

Marty Leach - martin.leach@sjsu.edu

Richard Bagley richard.bagley@sjsu.edu

Henry Bartholomew - henry.bartholomew@sjsu.edu

Diana Centeno - dianacenteno@gmail.com

AJ Eiserloh - arthur.eiserloh@sjsu.edu

Frank Freedman frank.freedman@sjsu.edu

Jeffrey Mirocha jeffrey.mirocha@sjsu.edu

Terrence Mullens terrence.mullens@sjsu.edu

Jan Null jan.null@sjsu.edu

Rhonda Plofkin rhonda.plofkin@sjsu.edu

Tasha Reddy - tasha.reddy@sjsu.edu 

Dione Rossiter dione.rossiter@sjsu.edu

Ju-Mee Ryoo ju-mee.ryoo@sjsu.edu

Qian Tan qian.tan@sjsu.edu

Paul Zechiel paul.zechiel@sjsu.edu


Liz Palfreyman liz.palfreyman@sjsu.edu Admin

Justin Croly justin.croly@sjsu.edu  IT Support


Henry Bartholomew
Bartholomew, Henry

phone: (408) 924-5199
email: henry.bartholomew@sjsu.edu
Alison Bridger Bridger, Alison
Professor, Department Chair

phone: (408) 924-5206
email: alison.bridger@sjsu.edu
Sen Chiao Chiao, Sen
Director, Center for Applied Atmospheric
Research and Education (CAARE)
phone (408) 924-5204
email: sen.chiao@sjsu.edu
Craig Clements Clements, Craig
Associate Professor

phone (408) 924-5275
email: craig.clements@sjsu.edu
Eugene Cordero Cordero, Eugene

phone: (408) 924-5188
email: eugene.cordero@sjsu.edu
Justin Croly Croly, Justin
Information Technology Consultant

phone: (408) 924-5056
email: justin.croly@sjsu.edu
Minghui Diao

Diao, Minghui

Assistant Professor


phone: (408) 924-7371
email: minghui.diao@sjsu.ed
AJ Eiserloh 
Eiserloh, AJ

phone: (408) 924-5200
email: arthur.eiserloh@gmail.com
Frank Freedman 
Freedman, Frank
Adjunct Faculty

phone: (408) 924-5200 
email: frf0104@gmail.com
Marty Leach Leach, Marty

phone: (408) 924-5200
email: mleach29@gmail.com
Jan Null 
Null, Jan
Adjunct Faculty

phone: (408) 924-5181
email: jan.null@sjsu.edu
 Elizabeth Walsh Walsh, Elizabeth
Assistant Professor

phone: (408) 924-5200
email: elizabeth.walsh@sjsu.edu


San Jose State University Department of Meteorology, Duncan Hall 620
Phone: 408.924.5200 Email: meteorology@sjsu.edu