Bus 169A: Honors Seminar

This course introduces students to seminal thinkers in management and related fields. The object of the seminar is to broaden the students’s understanding of organizations, organizational life and the way organizations function, by focusing on key research on topics in organization and management. A major objective is to improve a student’s analytical thinking skills, as part of preparation for graduate school, law school or a management career.

The course is cross-disciplinary, drawing on readings on topics such as organizational form, contingent structure, founding and imprinting, institutionalization, cooperation, culture, power, politics and resource dependency, routines and procedures, organizational learning and social capital. Students are expected to relate these readings to their own work or internship experiences.

The written paper required in this course normally satisfies the requirement of the Sbona Honors Program to complete a scholarly paper prior to graduation with honors.

For more information on Bus 169A, please contact Professor Camille Johnson for details.

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