The Institute for People and Performance

The Institute for People and Performance (IPP), housed in San Jose State University’s Lucas College and Graduate School of Business aspires to be a center of excellence aimed at advancing knowledge of human capital management, through a combination of training, research, and engagement with industry and professional organizations.

To achieve its purpose, the IPPA will create a community in which students, scholars, and industry professionals can engage by focusing on the following components:

  • Educating students, alumni and members of the local community to enhance their employability and success in the workplace, by offering human resource training and workshops.
  • Delivering training and support to Silicon Valley companies, specifically in the area of human capital management and people analytics; and more broadly in the area of management development.
  • Partnering with organizations and companies to create a learning community from academia and industry, with shared interests in human capital management, including research elements that will inform the practice, policy, and learning outcomes.

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