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Congratulations to Marlene Turner, recipient of the 2007-08 San Jose State University Outstanding Service Award!
Congratulations to Carol Reade and Mark McKenna, recipients of the 2008 Best Paper Award from the Western Academy of Management for their paper, "Towards a Conceptual 'Weather Map' of Industrial Relations in Emerging Economics!"

Kudos  to the following members of our Department

Mary Yoko Brannen received a Cisco Systems/INSEAD Executive Thought Leadership Research Grant in the amount of $180,000 for two projects, entitled "Understanding Biculturals" and "The Languages of Strategy."

Ming Zhou and his wife welcomed a daughter, Allison, on March 24, 2008.

Nancy DaSilva and her husband and daughter welcomed a son, Ian, on February 16.

Stan Malos was appointed Associate Editor of the Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal.

Gerald A. (Jerry) Cory's book, The Evolutionary Epidemiology of Mania and Depression: A Theoretical and Empirical Interpretation of Mood Disorders, coauthored with Dan Wilson M.D., was published in March 2008.

Joel West: 2007 Lucas Fellowship Recipient for The Role of a Remote "Anchor Tenant"

Simon Rodan: 2007 Lucas Fellowship Recipient for Effectiveness of the SIC and NAICS Classification Systems in Empirical Studies of Firms and Industry Performance

Taeho Park: 2007 Lucas Fellowship Recipient for A Comparitive Study on the Interface between Manufacturing and Marketing in the U.S. and Korean Companies with Global Manufacturing

Stan Malos: 2007 Lucas Fellowship Recipient for Improving Service Delivery in Emerging Economic Sectors

Anne Lawrence: 2007 Lucas Fellowship Recipient for Farming Pharmaceuticals

Mary Yoko Brannen: 2007 Lucas Fellowship Recipient for the Handbook of Global partnerships and Strategic Alliances