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The School of Management has two concentrations. To learn more please use the links below.

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management concentration provides the academic foundation for careers focused on the acquisition, development and effective utilization of the human resources of an individual organization and the economic system as a whole. This area of study provides a broad background that prepares graduates for the opportunities and significant challenges of human resource management, including legal issues in employment, recruitment and staffing, training, management and employee development, employment and union-management relations, compensation and benefits management, evaluation of employee performance, national human resource policies and programs, organizational private and public sector organizations.


Managers lead people to get things done in organizations. They plan, staff, budget, monitor, and generally direct the part of the organization they lead. This requires knowledge of people as individuals and teams. Successful managers are also astute observers and understand what is culturally and politically acceptable within the organization. They know how to communicate with both diplomacy and candor. Managers must understand all the business functions in a holistic and applied manner, which is why students take a broad array of courses.