International Business

The International Business program provides students with a broad base of business courses from all the functional areas and additional coursework focused on global business. Students can then seek out employment with global businesses or organizations. The marketability of International Business graduates depends on personal characteristics of the graduates, their experience, and academic performance in the International Business concentration. The employing companies or organizations then provide further training necessary for the job. An undergraduate degree in International Business is not a professional degree or one that targets a specific job but it's an excellent base on which to build. Careers in international business run the gamut of all functions and levels – it depends on opportunity and ability.

Working in international business overseas is an opportunity to challenge and test oneself. People leave behind their familiar and comfortable life and embark on an adventure, sometimes exhilarating and sometimes lonely and uncomfortable. They face challenges that make them question their identity, values, and assumptions. By learning to cope with and master challenges, people who work abroad are often transformed and left with a feeling of mastery and deep satisfaction. The first step is to accept the call to adventure – to commit to working abroad. One must approach it with enthusiasm and involvement to eventually reap the benefits of a deep understanding and acceptance of the host culture. It's not just another job – one must be eager to go abroad. Successful international business people develop bicultural perspectives, increased self-awareness, and the knowledge that they have the inner resources to master difficult situations.

Potential career paths include:

Global business analyst, international business manager, outsourcing and off-shoring analyst, global strategic manager, global business consultant, etc.