Welcome to the Middle East Studies Program at SJSU

The Middle East Studies Program is committed to helping students gain knowledge and understanding of the peoples, cultures, arts, religions and conflicts of this fascinating, complex and strategic part of the world - from antiquity to the present. It provides a
forum for dialogue on contemporary and historical issues of concern to the peoples and cultures of the Middle East and provides a background for students whose professional
goals include work in the region, and the promotion of mutual understanding, tolerance
and peace. 
Studying the Middle East is critical to understanding U.S. foreign policy and
the global political economy, and engaging our students in culturally and historically important region of the world.

The MdES Major (Humanities BA, Concentration in Middle East Studies) and the MdES
Minor are especially recommended for students seeking a career in the arts, international law business, global politics and economy, healthcare, education, journalism, the social sciences or comparative religious studies.