Concentration in Middle East Studies, Humanities BA

Preparation for the Concentration   (3 Units)

MDES 145 (or lower division equivalent)
Support for the Concentration: One year of college level foreign language or equivalent.

Required Courses in the Concentration

Core   (10 Units)

HUM 85 Introduction to Liberal Education
HUM 101 Human Life: Let's Think About It
HUM 160 Special Topics Seminar
HUM 190 Senior Seminar

Comparative Courses   (12 Units)

Choose four from the following:
AMS 129 How the World Sees the US
AMS 159  Nature and World Culture
CA 173  Contemporary World Arts
HUM 119A  Interdisciplinary Studies of Antiquity
HUM 128  20th Century: The West in a Global Context
RELS 124  Literature and Religious Experience
RELS 130  Psychology and Religious Experience
RELS 131  Gender, Sexuality, and Religion

Electives   (18 Units)

Two courses from each of the following:
   CLIT 122  Topics in Comparative World Literature
   MDES/RELS 070A  Western Religions
   MDES 090  Bible History and Literature
   MDES/RELS 108  Jewish Mysticism
   MDES/RELS 112  Topics in the Bible
   MDES/RELS 153  Jews, Zionism, and the State
   MDES/RELS 157  Islamic Cultures
   ENG 123B  Literature for Global Understanding-Africa
The Arts:
   MDES/ARTH 152  Visual Culture and Jewish Identity
   MDES/ARTH 183A  Art of Egypt and Mesopotamia
   MDES/ARTH 183B  Art of Islam-Early Islam to the Seljuks
   MDES/ARTH 183C  Art of Islam 13th-19th Century
   MUSC 148C  Improvisional Traditions of the World-Modal Traditions
Social Sciences:
   MDES/HIST 106  History of the Holy Land
   MDES/HIST 115  Ancient Near East
   MDES/HIST 118  Byzantine World to 1453
   MDES/HIST 154  Global Jewish History
   MDES/POLS 144  Middle Eastern Politics
   MDES/RELS 156  Islam, Politics and the West
   MDES/WOMS 189  Islamic Perspectives on Gender