Interdisciplinary Courses

MDES/RELS070A Western Religions
MDES/RELS090 Bible, History & Literature
MDES/HIST106 History of the Holy Land
MDES/RELS108 Jewish Mysticism
MDES/RELS112 Topics in the Bible
MDES/HIST115 Ancient Near East
MDES/HIST118 Byzantine World to 1453
ENGL123B Literature of Middle East & North Africa
MDES/POLS144 Middle Eastern Politics
MDES/RELS145 Middle Eastern Traditions
MDES/ARTH152 Jewish Art
MDES/HIST154 Global Jewish History
MDES/RELS156 Islam, Politics and the West
MDES/RELS157 Islamic Cultures
MDES/RELS180 Individual Studies in MDES
MDES/ARTH183A Art of Egypt and Mesopotamia
MDES/ARTH183B    Art of Islam - Early Islam to Seljuk
MDES/ARTH183C Art of Islam - 13th to 19th Century
MDES/RELS184 Directed Reading in MDES
MDES/WOMS189 Islamic Perspective on Gender

Language Studies in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian

More information about the courses are available at the online SJSU catalog by the cross-listed home department under Courses, as follows:

Humanities Department for RELS
History Department for HIST
English Department for ENGL
Political Science for POLS
Art History for ARTH
Sociology and Social Science Dept. for Womens Studies (WOMS)