Dear Marketing Major:

Academic Senate policy requires that all students be advised by their major department before enrolling in their third semester at SJSU. This advisement is mandatory. Students who do not attend a mandatory advisement session prior to their third semester will not be able to enroll in classes for the Fall 2007 semester through MySJSU registration system.

To verify your attendance please bring your student identification.

If, because of circumstances beyond your control, you are unable to attend either of these sessions, you may delay your appearance for one semester only by providing one of the following documents to the Department of Marketing before the scheduled sessions.

  1. Medical excuse, signed by doctor
  2. Business excuse, signed by your immediate supervisor, stating why he/she cannot allow you to attend EITHER session.
  3. Your class schedule conflicts with the meeting times provided. You must provide a copy of your current class schedule.

Call us at (408) 924-3506 if you have any questions.