Decision Sciences

lateral view of decision maps

Quantitative courses are an inseparable part of the use of a powerful modern computer-based tools for analysis. In decision science courses, students learn statistical analysis, forecasting, linear programming, simulation pert and the critical part method, decision analysis, computer-based tools for analyzing complex decision-making situations.

To get more information about Decision Sciences, please contact
Dr. Ron Davis
BT 355, Phone
(408) 924-3547

Decision Sciences Certificate

Spearheaded by Professor Ron Davis, our department is introducing a new certificate program in Decision Sciences. The certificate program is designed to give students an edge up in the analytic side by focusing on the conceptual and mathematical aspects of business and marketing. Business Statistics (BUS 90) is the only requirement for eligibility. Please contact the Department of Marketing & Decision Sciences at 924.3506 for more information.

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