Honors Program

What is The Honors Program?

The Honors Program is an opportunity for students and potential employers to develop an understanding of each other before graduation and job search and hiring frenzy.

Participating employers will sponsor capable, motivated, honors students in real projects within their firms. Projects will have measurable outcomes and deliverables defined at the start of the project. Students will present the results to a team of interested sponsor executives.

Why should an honors student do this?

Honors Students will

  • Have access to top-level employers who will have already expressed an interest in graduate of the College of Business
  • Work with other capable, motivated honors students (no freeloading here!)
  • Develop leadership and professional skills through a hands-on assignment integrated with their major area of study
  • Have other leadership and representation opportunities in the College of Business, including representing the best our college has to offer
  • Be among the elite students whose diploma and transcript indicate they earned department honors in business.

Department honors notation on diplomas will be awarded to students successfully completing 6 units in the program over two semesters. Students successfully completing 3 units, one semester, will receive a certificate from their department indicating graduation honors.

When is it?

For marketing majors, the course, Bus137H, meets Monday evenings. Other areas of concentration should check with the appropriate department for the schedule of classes.

Who is qualified?
  • Self-nominating applicants must have a GPA of 3.25 of units completed at SJSU. Students with a GPA of 3.0 and 3.25 may be accepted if they are nominated by a faculty member.
  • Nominees must have completed the introductory course in their major.

How do I apply?

Write an essay of no more than 500 words explaining what they would contribute to and expect to get from the Honors Program. Complete other requirements, as described on the application form.

Do it NOW!

The application and attachments specified should be submitted to your department office. Acceptance is not automatic. The application process includes a personal interview with program coordinators. After the application and all necessary attachments are received, students will be contacted for an interview.