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The Advocating Diversity and Allyship Peer Training (ADAPT) program is a set of workshops intended to educate the SJSU campus community on various Social Justice and Diversity issues.  These workshops, led by the MOSAIC Diversity Advocate Interns, utilize interactive activities and discussions to address issues of identity, privilege/oppression, and allyship.  Though each training module is planned for 1-1.5 hr sessions, they can be tailored to fit the needs of your class, organization, department, residents, or group. 

Spiritual Diversity

What is the difference between religion and spirituality? This workshop explores the importance of interfaith literacy in a religiously diverse world.  It also explores how privilege and power tie-in with spiritual identity. The skill-based training challenges participants to increase their awareness of how their own spiritual identity influences their perspective.

The Power of Language and Communication

Often we can intentionally or unintentionally offend others with our language.  This workshop will explore the importance of inclusive language, the prevalence of microaggressions in daily interactions, the difference between verbal and nonverbal communication, and what kind of language can be hurtful.

Social Justice and Activism

The Social Justice and Activism workshop module provides individuals or organizations with tools to identify social injustices within communities, both on and off campus, and how to effectively organize around the issue. The workshop provides participants with skills to utilize resources and allies to work toward a common goal, to develop their own strategies to address important issues, and will take their understanding of social justice to a more proactive level.

The Power of Media

How are race, gender and other social identities portrayed in media?  The Media Culture workshop will explore the dimensions of identity in media, and educate participants to be more conscious consumers.  This training utilizes interactive discussions and activities to address the impact media has on our society.

Unpacking Privilege

This training module explores social identities (e.g. race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.), and how these identities intersect and form our individual perspectives.  Through activities and discussions, participants will gain an understanding of the personal and systemic forms of privilege, its impact on our society, and how to utilize privileges to advance social justice in their communities.   

Allyship 101

Have you ever witnessed injustice and was unsure how to help? This module discusses the importance of being an ally to others, as well as common pitfalls and misconceptions surrounding effective allyship. Providing tools for action, this workshop explores how one can utilize their own privilege for the benefit of others. 


To schedule a training workshop, please go to the ADAPT Presentation Request (Google Form).

For any questions regarding the program, please contact the Assistant Director, Caz Salamanca at, or (408)924-6562.