Tunnel of Oppression

The 9th Annual Tunnel of Oppression will take place April 2-4, 2013 in the Student Union Ballroom. The Tunnel resembles a museum and is divided into 7 sections exploring the issues that are particularly important in today’s society. 

This interactive experience provides an opportunity for participants to explore multiple dimensions of oppression and their impact on society. It is designed to create a visceral reaction as individuals are confronted with the reality of the human condition through interactive and multimedia presentations.

Past themes include:
Disability, Anti-Semitism, War on Drugs, Ageism, Capitalism, The Bullying Effect, Asian American identity, Immigration and Education, Sizism, The Economic Bill of Rights, The Objectification of women, Veterans.

Applications for the 9th Annual Tunnel of Oppression is due December 2nd, 2012. See form below: