Getting Involved

Opportunities to get involved with MOSAIC include:


MOSAIC often has opportunities for students who want additional experience to volunteer to work on projects or just lend an extra hand. Many of our volunteers assist us with many crucial tasks such as preparing for an event, helping out with publicity, or visiting classes to share information on our upcoming events. Stop in today to see how you can put your extra time to a good cause!

Undergraduate Intern Program

MOSAIC has opportunities for undergraduate students in various majors to possibly earn credit for being an intern. We work closely with our interns to develop projects that are pertinent to their career interests as well as furthering our mission and goals. Stop in today to talk to us about how you can get credit for being an intern at MOSAIC.

Graduate Intern Program

MOSAIC also has opportunities for graduate students in various departments and programs. Please check with our staff to inquire about how you can get credit for being a graduate intern. 

Graphic Designers


Student Assistants


Attend Our Programs

We offer a wide range of social, cultural, and educational based programs throughout the year. Please go to our Events Calendar page for the most updated list of our programs this year. (And if you're hungry, most of our programs provide free food.)

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