Administrative Staff

Hyon Chu Yi-Baker


Ms. HyonChu Yi-Baker was raised in the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. She immigrated to the United States from Seoul, Korea at the age of 3 and became a U.S. citizen at age 12. . HyonChu is a proud first generation college student and has found her calling working with students from disenfranchised communities. She is dedicated to enhancing and advocating for the academic and cultural empowerment of historically under-represented students. She has been with SJSU for 15 years and is the current Director of MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center.

Sharon Singh


Sharon Singh is MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center's Interim Program Coordinator. She served as a DAI during her time as an undergrad and has a bachelor’s in Sociology from SJSU.  Sharon has her masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs from University of San Francisco. Born in Sydney, Australia and lived in Fiji until she moved to the United States. She has lived all over the Bay Area since she moved at 8 years old. She is excited to engage in social justice work with wonderful SJSU students. 

Ana Isabel Perez


She is a first year graduate student in the department of Mexican American Students. She is the Diversity Advocacy Intern Program Coordinator. She is currently involved in the College of Social Sciences Student Advisory Board and the Xicanx Graduate Council. I love to spend time with my family, specifically with my nieces and nephews. I also like to read, drink tea, and watch Netflix. 

Office Receptionists

Shamani Anongchanya


My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a second-year majoring in Hospitality Management with an emphasis in Event Management. I grew up in Monterey, California for most of my life. I am currently a part of a Filipino organization on campus known as Akbayan. In my free time I enjoy playing competitive volleyball, eating good food or hanging out with my friends and family.

Victoria Melgoza


Victoria Melgoza is a 4th year student. She is a Nursing Major with a minor in Child and Adolescent Development. She is the Lead Operations Manager. She is a sister of Alpha Tau Delta, a member of CSNA and SJSU Housing Senior Residential Advisor. She enjoys ballet, dancing, and everything Disney.

DaMaya Wallace


My name is DaMaya Wallace and I am a third year first generation student. I am majoring in African American Studies with a double minor in Political Science and Justice Studies. At Mosaic I work as a desk receptionist and I cover the front end duties. My hobbies include listening to music, socializing and partying. 

Faculty Fellows

Erica Boas


Dr. EricaBoas is one of three Faculty Fellows with MOSAIC CCC for the 2016-17 academic year. She is a Lecturer in the Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department where she works with teachers-in-the-making. Her research centers the education system and its complicity in reproducing social inequalities, particularly with regard to sexuality and race

Funie Hsu


Dr. Funie Hsu is an Assistant Professor in American Studies. Her research interests revolve around race, gender, U.S. empire, and knowledge formation. One strand of her work examines the relationship between English language instruction and U.S. colonialism. A second evolving body of work speaks to the possibilities of engaged Buddhism as an alternative, indigenous Asian form of knowledge for collective liberation. Prior to her academic work, she was an elementary school teacher.

Manolo Callahan


Manuel Callahan is an insurgent learner and convivial researcher with the Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy. He also participates in the Universidad de la Tierra Califas when he is not working for the Mexican American Studies Department at San Jose State University.

Diversity Advocacy Interns

Emma Cardenas


Emma Cardenas is a fourth year undergraduate student studying Linguistics & Sociology with a concentration in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She is a publicity lead and a Diversity Advocacy Intern. She is a mentor for Peers in Pride, a member of Active Minds and a supervisor at Spartan Shops. When she is not working, she enjoys traveling, reading, poetry, spoken word, theatre, volleyball, running, and learning and practicing languages.

Jenna Edra


Jenna is a 2nd year Social Work major and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor. She is a Diversity Advocacy Intern. She is involved with Akbayan SJSU, Anakbayan Silicon Valley, L. E. A. D. Filipino, and the PRIDE Center as the asexual/aromantic meetup facilitator and a Peer in Pride (PiP) mentor, as well as a volunteer at the YWCA as a sexual assault crisis line counselor. When not involved with her commitments, she enjoys volunteering, writing, sleeping, and singing.

Chelby Gill


Hello, my name is Chelby Gill and I am a 2nd year Political Science major Human Rights minor. I am currently a Diversity Advocate Intern with the MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center I am also the Community Engagement Coordinator.My pronouns are She/Her/Hers.Some other organizations I am currently involved with are National Residence Hall Honorary, Her Campus and a research program. Some of my interests are Intersectional Feminism, Womanism, Black feminism ect, Beyonce, intellectual diversity,Afrofuturism,ableism,misogynoir and much more. In my off time I enjoy working on my vision board, Bikram yoga and watching Netflix.

Emilie Rodriguez


My name is Emilie Rodriguez. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am originally from San Diego, California. I am a third year Psychology major, and I am minoring in Sociology. During my free time I enjoy painting, working out, and listening to rad music like Soulection. One of my favorite things to do in the entire world is attend concerts.

Charlotte Theriault


Charlotte Theriault is 2nd year chemistry major. She is a Diversity Advocacy Intern who loves to read, draw, craft and attempting to listen to music with her (functioning) ear.

Kendrick Williams


Kendrick Williams is a 2nd year Political Science major. He is a Diversity Advocacy Intern as well as the OurHistorian or website editor for Mosaic Cross Cultural Center. He is involved in Pi Sigma Alpha political science club and rock climbing club. In his spare time he enjoys reading, drawing, skateboarding, and playing basketball.

Graphic Designer

Grayson Garcia


My name is Grayson Garcia and I am Graphic Designer for the MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center. This is my fourth year at SJSU as a Design Major.