SJSU Summer Choral Workshops

Summer Choral WS 2018


Charlene Archibeque

Dr. Charlene Archibeque


 Topics to be included:

 - Tips for school and
church choir conductors
- Conducting for artistry
- Conducting for tone quality
- Hand and baton technique
- Beat styles and patterns
- Score preparation
- Period styles
- Multi-meter conducting


Techniques of Choral Conducting


July 15-19, 2019


1 unit, section 1
Music Bldg, Room 150
SJSU Campus
Course Code: 30707
Cost per unit: $250 

The Conducting Workshop is designed for teachers and choral conductors who have had previous experience conducting choirs and who wish to fine tune their rehearsal skills with hand, baton, face and other nonverbal communication.You are urged to review one of the following texts: McElheran, Conducting Technique; Busch, The Complete Choral Conductor; Green, The Modern Conductor; or Decker/Kirk, Choral Conducting.


Jeffery Benson

Dr. Jeffrey Benson


Topics to be included:

- Teaching musicality
through movement
- Creative, musical warm-ups
- Building choral tone
- New and exciting repertoire
- Score study
- Choral Artistry
- Building Independence
with your singers
- Creativity and Improvisation
in the choral rehearsal
- Programming with Passion


Teaching Music in Choral Rehearsals


July 15-19, 2019


1 unit, section 1
Music Bldg, Room 150
SJSU Campus
Course Code: 30706
Cost per unit: $250

This course is designed to enhance the choral director's skills and understanding of general rehearsal techniques, score study, voice building and literature selection. 

This is an intensive laboratory situation allowing you time to conduct, sing, teach and interact with colleagues. Sessions on topics for both school and church musicians will be offered. The course will also include reading sessions on choral repertoire for all ages and choirs. 

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