Listening Hour Information

Listening Hour 

This page contains information for those students who are registered for MUSC 81/181 and for those who wish to perform on Listening Hour.

For Students Registered for MUSC 81/181, Concert Listening I/II:

Listening Hour/Concert Listening is an opportunity for a majority of the students within the School of Music to gather in the Concert Hall or Rm. 150 to listen to guest performers, faculty performers, and fellow students. Listening Hour/Concert Listening is an excellent opportunity for every musician to learn and review what makes a good performer (as you observe performances), what constitutes musical progress (as you hear your colleagues perform again and again over the years), how to listen to new or unfamiliar music, and how to be a supportive and constructive coach.

All students seeking undergraduate music degrees within the School of Music and Dance are required to attend six semesters of Listening Hour/Concert Listening and receive a grade of Satisfactory (Credit) each time. It is not difficult to succeed in this task; it only requires a minimum of planning and responsibility on your part. Listening Hour/Concert Listening is an attendance-based lab. You may consult the greensheet (syllabus) on-line.

For Performers: 

The opportunity to perform before one’s own peers can be an extremely valuable experience, one that can be shared be as many students as possible.  If you are interested in performing during a Listening Hour, please email Dr. Fred Cohen, Director, School of Music & Dance.