Music Education 10.5

10.5.   The Fifth Year Credential Program

Admission to the fifth year of study for the credential includes the following requirements:

1. Subject matter competency, achieved through:

Completion of a state-approved music education bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution (such as SJSU).


Completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution (such as SJSU) and    passing scores on the CSET exams in music. This option may ONLY be exercised with the permission of the music education advisor, and you may be advised to take courses to better prepare you to teach. 

2. A passing score on the California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST).

3. Achievement of the current state-mandated GPA in all undergraduate work (2.94).

4. Writing exam, administered during the music education subject matter competency review and interview.

5. Portfolio and Interview (see below 10.4 above).

6. Other requirements as outlined in the secondary education program within the College of Education. 

The first semester of the fifth year is devoted to coursework and student teaching supervised by the College of Education faculty. The School of Music and Dance faculty supervise the second semester of student teaching, and students are placed within their area of specialty at a location approved by the Coordinator of Music Education. Finally, there is a two semester professional methods sequence; Methodology for Music Educators, MuEd 370A (Elementary, K-8), and MuEd 370B (Secondary, 9-12). This sequence may be completed during the fifth year, or may be taken before graduation during the senior year.