General Information 1.11 - 1.13

1.11.   Scholarships

The School of Music and Dance offers Music Scholarships ranging in length from two semesters to eight semesters, and in amounts from $150 per semester to full tuition. Music Scholarships are awarded on the basis of performance skill. Scholarship auditions for new students are scheduled three times during the 2015-16 academic year: February 20, 2016; March 5, 2016; March 12, 2016.Scholarship information for prospective students may be viewed here.

Preparing for the Scholarship Audition (Current students only)

Live Auditions: Prepare approximately five minutes of music of varying styles demonstrating your present level of achievement on your instrument or voice. Upon request, a professional accompanist will be available to assist you during your program. 

Letters of Recommendation for Scholarships

Request letters of recommendation from two people who know your musical, leadership, and/or personal skills. On the application form, provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers of these individuals should the committee wish to contact your references. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that reference letters are sent. 

All Scholarship Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Must maintain a “B,” (3.0) or higher, grade point average in music and a “C+” (2.5) overall grade point average.
  • Must enroll as a full-time student with a minimum of 12 units (undergraduate) or 9 units (graduate).
  • Must declare a major in music with an appropriate course of study as approved by the Music Faculty.
  • Must receive instruction in a major applied area with a member of the SJSU Music Faculty each semester that the scholarship is awarded.
  • Must participate in assigned performance ensembles.
  • Must maintain satisfactory performance in studio lessons and the required ensemble(s).
  • Any change in applied study must meet with the approval of the School of Music and Dance RASR Committee and the Director. 

Marching Band Stipends

Music majors who perform with the Spartan Marching Band are eligible for stipends. Band stipends are $700 per semester. All members of the Spartan Marching Band receive priority registration at SJSU. See the Director of the Spartan Marching Band for more information (Music 108). 

Scholarship Probation

Students shall be allowed two semesters of scholarship probation during their academic careers. The third semester with minimum requirements not met will result in cancellation of the award. Students placed on probation will have their awards reduced by 25% This is apermanent reduction but student may reapply after minimum scholarshipstandards have been attained and depending on availability of scholarship funds.

1.12.   Employment Opportunities

Work Study

Depending upon availability of legislative funding, and where there is appropriately demonstrated student need, Work Study Grants are made available for up to twenty hours per week. Please check with the Financial Aid Office for further details. 

Student Assistantships

Depending upon availability of legislative funding, Student Assistantships are available for up to twenty hours per week. Check with the school office for further information. 

Current Student Assistant Positions (Subject to change pending funding)

  • Recruitment Coordinator (instrumental) (1)
  • Recruitment Coordinator (vocal/choral) (1)
  • Concert Manager (>10)
  • Office Assistants (2)
  • Music Library Assistant (2)
  • Readers for GE classes (2-3)
  • Tutors for Systems/Theory and Music History (2-4) 

Music Education Assistantships

There are several assistantships available to music education majors. Upper-division, graduate, and credential students may receive up to $5,000 each year to work 8-10 hours ($15+ per hour) each week in low socio-economic public schools surrounding the university. Another assistantship exists for a graduate student to help administer the program. All recipients must be members of the SJSU MENC Collegiate Chapter (see Student Organizations, 9.2) Students interested in these assistantships should contact the Music Education Coordinator. 

1.13.   Student Leaves of Absence

If a music major is absent from San Jose State for two consecutive semesters, they must re-audition for admission into the music program.