Applied Study 4.1 - 4.2

All students with a major in music are required to declare a major performing medium (voice, keyboard, orchestral instrument, guitar, composition) upon entering their program of study, and they will receive studio instruction in their major performing medium in accordance with the degree major (usually eight semesters). 

It is School policy that music majors are required to study their major performance medium (piano, voice, instrumental) with a SJSU faculty member. All undergraduate and graduate students shall receive a minimum of 30 minutes per week per unit of applied study. Bachelor of Music in Performance and Master of Arts in Performance shall receive 60 minutes per week and will receive two units of credit for applied studies. The area coordinator shall be responsible for assignment of students to instructors.

4.1.   Applied Lessons

These are arranged with individual instructors who are assigned after placement auditions. All music majors must complete their applied music lessons with SJSU faculty. No student may register for applied lessons only. All applied students are required to be concurrently enrolled in a major performing ensemble and must enroll in at least 6 units each semester. 

4.2.   Lessons Attendance

Students taking applied music lessons are expected to attend each scheduled lesson. If it is necessary to miss a lesson because of illness or other valid reason, the instructor should be notified in advance personally or by a call to the School Office. The teacher may make up lessons if the student gives 24 hour notice with good reason, such as illness or a death in the family. Instructors are not obliged to make up lessons that fall on school holidays. 

Lessons missed for any reason other than the above may be made up only if the teacher decides that the reason has validity. The teacher is not obliged to make up lessons because of late registration or because the student is attending a meeting. Missing lessons affects one’s progress and performance; therefore, a student’s grade may be lowered at the discretion of the teacher when absences are excessive.