Juries 5.1

5.1.    Jury Examinations

At the end of each semester of applied study, all music majors will be evaluated by a faculty committee—a jury—to determine whether each student has met the requirements for the registered level. All students enrolled in applied study must participate in a jury as their final exam for that course. If, in the opinion of the faculty committee, the student has not met these requirements, the student will be placed on probation (see Probation). After probation has been removed, the student will be required to register for the same level of study the following semester. If a student fails two juries at the same level or fails any two juries, the student may be dropped from the music major. The student may reapply for admission to the program at a later time. A student must receive an overall grade of C to advance to the next level of applied study.

Jury exams normally are held during the final exam week. Each student should sign up for a jury time during the last week of classes and allow time prior to the beginning of the jury to fill out the jury form when he/she arrives. All solos with an accompaniment must be performed with an accompanist. For questions about juries, please contact Dr. Janet Averett, Associate Director.

It is the student’s responsibility to consult with the applied instructor no later than one month in advance of juries to review and prepare all required materials for each level of jury.