Concerts and Recitals 6.1 - 6.2

6.1.   Concert Attendance Requirements

Listening to a wide variety of live performances is essential in the development a complete musician.

All music majors are required to sign into Music 81 “Concert Listening 1” for lower division students, and Music 181 “Concert Listening 2” for upper division students, each semester. To receive credit for the course, SJSU students must attend 12 performances. These concerts may include Thursday Noontime Concert Hours, faculty recitals, senior/graduate recitals, or SJSU ensemble concerts. Concert credit is not given to students performing on a recital. 

Students must bring their SJSU ID cards to campus recitals in order receive attendance credit. Cards are swiped either at the beginning of the concert or at the end, or sometimes both. While individual cumulative concert attendance figures will be shared several times during the semester, it is best to keep track of how many concerts you attend to be sure you don't end up late in the semester with too many concerts and too little time. Satisfactory concert attendance at 12 approved events will be verified by your applied instructor and area coordinator. 

For off-campus, non-University related concerts, please (1) request and obtain permission from your Applied Instructor of Area Coordinator for concert attendance, (2) obtain and fill-out an Off-Campus Concert Permission sheet from the Music Office, (3) return the form with all signatures and proof of attendance (ticket, program, other) no later than one week after the performance to the Music Office. Incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted.

6.2.   Recital Performance Requirement

Solo performance experience is essential to the development of the music major. For the Student Recital Package, click here. Every music major is required to perform a work from the standard repertory in the following venues:

Studio Recital

A recital of students from an applied instructor’s studio for the purpose of performing for one another. May or may not be open to the public.

Public Recital

Appearance on the Thursday Noontime Recital Hour, or other recitals open to the public.

Minimum Performance Requirements

The following represents the minimum requirement:


BM Mus Ed and Jazz Studies – one studio recital required

BM Performance – one studio and one public performance required


BM Mus Ed and Jazz Studies – two studio recitals required

BM Performance – two public performances required


BM Mus Ed and Jazz Studies – one studio and one public performance required

BM Performance – one public performance and one full Junior Recital required


BM Mus Ed and Jazz studies – one public performance and one-half Senior Recital

BM Performance – one public performance and one full Senior Recital

No major may graduate without meeting these requirements. Performance dates and types must be verified on each semester’s jury form. Documentation (e.g., the program) must be provided at each jury.