Concerts and Recitals 6.1 - 6.2

6.1.            Concert Attendance Requirements

Listening to a wide variety of live performances is essential in the development a complete musician.

All music majors are required to sign into Music 81 “Concert Listening 1” for lower division students, and Music 181 “Concert Listening 2” for upper division students, each semester. To receive credit for the course, SJSU students must attend 12 performances. These concerts may include Tuesday-Thursday Recitals Hour, faculty recitals, senior/graduate recitals or SJSU ensemble concerts. Concert credit is not given to students performing on a recital. 

A recital attendance punch card will be distributed at the first Thursday Recital Hour (12:30 p.m.-1:20 Concert Hall) of each semester. The student must submit the Recital Attendance Card at his/her end of semester jury. This card will be turned in with the semester jury form for placement in the student’s permanent file. THIS REQUIREMENT MUST BE MET EACH SEMESTER. Satisfactory concert attendance will be verified  by your applied instructor and area coordinator. Lack of completion of this requirement will result in 1/3 drop in your applied study grade. 

6.2.            Recital Performance Requirement

Solo performance experience is essential to the development of the music major. Every music major is required to perform a work from the standard repertory in the following venues:

Studio Recital

A recital of students from an applied instructor’s studio for the purpose of performing for one another. Not open to the public.

Public Recital

Appearance on the Tuesday-Thursday Recital Hours, or other recitals open to the public.

Minimum Performance Requirements

The following represents the minimum requirement:


BM Mus Ed and Jazz Studies – one studio recital required

BM Performance – one studio and one public performance required


BM Mus Ed and Jazz Studies – two studio recitals required

BM Performance – two public performances required


BM Mus Ed and Jazz Studies – one studio and one public performance required

BM Performance – one public performance and one full Junior Recital required


BM Mus Ed and Jazz studies – one public performance and one-half Senior Recital

BM Performance – one public performance and one full Senior Recital

 No major may graduate without meeting these requirements. Performance dates and types must be verified on each semester’s jury form. Documentation (e.g., the program) must be provided at each jury.