Concerts and Recitals 6.3 - 6.4

6.3.  Requirements for Student Recitals

  1. Make sure you have paid your Music Use Fee.
  2. Fill out the Student Recital Request completely and pay the $30 Reservation fee. Make sure you have obtained all signatures, and pay all fees according to the schedule.
  3. Any and all alternate arrangements for recitals must be approved by the Director of the School of Music and Dance.
  4. A Few Reminders:
    1. The recital form with program attached must be completed and turned in one month prior to your recital date. If it is not, your recital could be cancelled. 
    2. It is your responsibility to notify the office immediately if you decide to cancel or postpone your recital. Failure to do so is a breach of courtesy to your fellow students, may effect your grade, and will result in a forfeiture of deposits and fees.
    3. Rooms that you use for receptions must be cleaned up, tables and chairs returned and in place, and trash removed. No reception may be held in the Concert Hall. No alcoholic beverages are permitted.
    4. You are responsible for your recital posters.
    5. Sound equipment and cameras are not allowed in the aisles of the Concert Hall because they are a fire hazard.
    6. It is your responsibility to restore all areas you have used to a normal level of cleanliness and order. The Concert Hall must have all pianos replaced in their storage areas and the instruments and equipment that belong on stage must also be replaced. After you have done this your $100 cleaning deposit will be returned.
    7. Please bring fifteen copies of your program to the Music Office after your recital is complete.

6.4.   Junior Recitals

During the Junior year of study, all Bachelor of Music students with an emphasis in piano performance, instrumental performance, composition, or vocal performance, must perform a public solo recital presenting at least thirty to forty-five minutes. Please read and carefully follow the instructions on the Student Recital Request.Approval of your applied instructor and major advisor is required.  Depending on your area of concentration, a recital hearing may be required. Recitals may be shared.