Concerts and Recitals 6.5 - 6.6

6.5.   Senior/Graduate Recitals

Performing a senior recital is the culmination of four years of applied music study. Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts students with a performance emphasis shall perform a full solo recital consisting of approximately 60 minutes of music. Bachelor of Music-Education and Bachelor of Arts in Music students may perform a half solo recital (approximately 30 minutes of music). Bachelor of Music-Education and Bachelor of Arts in Music are encouraged to present their half recital with another senior. 


  1. No later than the beginning of the semester preceding graduation (typically the fall semester of the senior year for undergraduates, or the fall semester of the second year for graduate students), the student, in consultation with the Area Coordinator and the applied instructor, should decide on a recital date.
  2. At approximately the same time, every student should read and complete the Student Recital Package. The Student Recital Packet offers a road-map for forms, fees, and deadlines associated with all official School of Music and Dance recitals.
  3. A student is permitted to sign into MUSC 182—Senior Recital—only during the semester the recital will be completed. B.A. students must enroll in MUSC 182 to complete the senior project.
  4. A few additional notes:
    1. As early as possible, the student should secure an accompanist with the aid of the applied instructor, Area Coordinator, and the Coordinator of Keyboard Studies.
    2. School policy requires that all senior recitals or projects be presented on the SJSU campus. Any exceptions must be approved by the Director of the School of Music and Dance.
    3. If a student enrolls in Senior Recital and does not complete the recital, a “no credit” will be assigned. No incompletes are granted for Senior Recitals. The student must re-enroll in Music 182 during the next semester that the recital is attempted. 

6.6.   Senior Recital Hearings

All BM Music Education, BM Jazz Studies, and BM Performance students performing a senior recital must complete the following: 

  1. Arrange for a Recital Hearing no later than one month prior to the recital date. As noted on the Student Recital Request Form, your Recital Hearing must be attended by your Applied Instructor and a "Second Attending Instructor."  Note that scheduling a Recital Hearing does not constitute passing a Recital Hearing. Not passing a Recital Hearing will result in a delay or postponement of the recital. 
  2. Contact each faculty member on your committee to confirm their attendance at the hearing.
  3. Reserve a room for the hearing with Ms. Wijas in the Music Office no later than one month prior to the hearing.
  4. You must verify all collaborating musicians with your applied instructor well before your recital. Any students performing on a senior recital must play at a senior level or higher.
  5. All musicians who will be performing on the recital must play the Recital Hearing.
  6. If any special instruments are needed, including harpsichord or organ, make arrangements to have these instruments available at your hearing.
  7. Please provide at least one copy of the solo part for all literature to be performed for the committee members.
  8. A typed copy of the exact program should be submitted to the committee at the time of your hearing. This should include the exact order of the program, titles of movements, all collaborating musicians, birth and death dates of the composers, and approximate timings. Information should be presented exactly as it will appear on your concert program. For Music Education students sharing a recital, your program order should be coordinated prior to the hearing, with one form submitted with both programs.
  9. Translations for voice and program notes must be prepared, duplicated, and inserted by the student.
  10. Senior recital fees must be paid prior to the performance. If fees are not paid, programs will not be made available during the evening of the performance.