Concerts and Recitals 6.7 - 6.11

6.7.    Jazz Studies Recital Requirements

Repertoire Approval

In the case of the junior and senior recitals, the recitalist’s program will be reviewed by the applied instructor and the Area Coordinator of the Jazz Studies program for approval before the student presents their recital. Any changes in programming will require additional review and approval by the above mentioned individuals.

Attire Requirements

The recitalist’s attire consists of coat and tie for men; and dresses, skirts and blouses; or dressy pant-suits for women. The recitalist’s accompanists are required to wear the same attire. Sloppy or poor attire is unprofessional. Any student not meeting these requirements risks failing their recital.

Specific Requirements for Junior and Senior Recitals

See your applied instructor or the Area Coordinator of Jazz Studies for specific requirements for recitals.

6.8.   Music Technology Junior Project/Senior Project

Junior or Senior projects can be a live performance project, or lecture/presentation with accompanying written document. It will be accepted through the following process:

  1. A written proposal approved by the applied instructor and committee member(s).
  2. Submission and approval of project at the jury or through presentation.

6.9.   Booking the Concert Hall for Recitals

Music majors may use the Concert Hall for recitals. Information regarding reservations are detailed in the Student Recital Packet.

Students can book in the Hall up to a semester in advance. Dates late in the semester tend to be more popular and are booked the fastest. Be aware that school ensembles have priority and their dates are booked before the schedule is opened to students. Students must submit a Recital Concert Hall Reservation Form to the School at the time of booking a recital date. A $30 program fee (non-refundable) and $100 security and cleaning deposit (refundable) is required at the time of registration. Arrangements for opening the Concert Hall on the day of the recital must be made by the student with their instructor.

6.10.   Programs

All programs will be printed by the School of Music & Dance. They will be one-sided 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. All degree recitals must have the following statement. In partial fulfillment of the (insert degree level at end of statement), along with the name of the applied instructor.

Ten original programs will be withheld by the Music Office. Recital programs are bound and archived each academic year. They must present a unified, standardized, professional look. If student wish to include program notes, translations, and acknowledgements, they may provide a secondary program for this purpose at their own expense.

6.11.   Recital Recording

The School of Music and Dance is not responsible for the recording of recitals. Students wishing to have their recital recorded may make arrangements with professional recording technicians, who can be recommended by the School of Music and Dance, or they may make arrangements with SJSU students enrolled in the Studio Arts program. In either case, students will be personally responsible for all costs.