Accompanists 7.1 - 7.2

7.1.    Staff Accompanists

The School of Music and Dance employs three staff accompanists:

Ms. Sharon Brook

Dr. Victoria Lington

Mr. David Stein

To achieve a quality collaborative experience, please note the following:

Students must provide a legible copy (in notebook form) of their music to their accompanist at least two weeks prior to the first rehearsal.  No exceptions will be allowed. Difficult accompaniments must be provided at least four weeks prior to the first rehearsal. Copies of music should be double-sided and hole-punched. Please double check to be sure no pages are skipped.

A request for the services of a staff accompanist must be initiated by the appropriate studio instructor. The staff accompanist will either accept the assignment or will recommend a suitable student accompanist, based upon the technical requirements of the music. After an accompanist has been assigned, the student must arrange for appropriate rehearsal time. The length and frequency of each rehearsal will be at the discretion of the staff accompanist. A jury rehearsal sign-up schedule will be posted during the week prior to juries on rooms 207 and 208.

Students must come to rehearsals with their music prepared. No student will be allowed to perform without at least one rehearsal prior to the day of the performance.


Students must independently contract for all Junior, Senior, or other recitals either with a staff accompanist, a student accompanist, or with an outside accompanist.  Please speak with a staff accompanist or the Music Office staff for details.

7.2.   Student Accompanists

Students taking the Accompanying course (MUSC 143) will provide each student musician assigned to them one-half hour of rehearsal per week. Any additional rehearsal time may be provided at the discretion of the accompanist.

Students must come well-prepared to the first rehearsal with their accompanist. Accompanists reserve the right to cancel a rehearsal if the student is inadequately prepared for a productive rehearsal. Likewise, the accompanist must be adequately prepared for a productive rehearsal.

Accompanists will attend weekly lessons with the appropriate applied instructor. If an absence is anticipated, the instructor must be notified in advance. Student accompanists will perform with their assigned students in master classes, listening hours, studio and individual recitals, and juries. Accompanists will not attend off-campus performances except at their discretion or for a fee.

Students must notify accompanists and provide music for any performance (including master class) at least two weeks in advance. Failure to do so will release the accompanist from his/her performance obligations.