Facilities/Equipment 8.12

8.12.   Instrument Check Out Procedures

  • Obtain an instrument check out card from the Resource Center (room 114).
  • Have the card filled out and signed by the appropriate instructor and returned to the Resource Center.
  • Show your Music Use Fee Card.
  • Upon receiving the instrument and signing the instrument check out card, you will accept full responsibility for the instrument on loan. If it is lost or stolen while in your possession (on or off campus), you will be required to pay for its replacement. You also are required to pay for damage resulting from negligence or improper use.
  • The student must not have state equipment repaired or adjusted by any off-campus repair shop without the prior approval of the Resource Center technician.
  • All university instruments and equipment must be checked in with the School technician no later than 3:30 p.m. on the day of commencement. Any instrument not returned or renewed on time can be result in holds on a student’s record.
  • Summer use of instruments requires the written approval of the School Director. A $30 Use Fee must be paid before the instrument is issued.
  • Woodwind performers must purchase their own reeds.