Facilities/Equipment 8.5 - 8.6

8.5.            Keys

Music students frequently need keys to specific rooms such as the piano studios, percussion studios, and sometimes, with the faculty member’s approval, even faculty offices. Students will not be issued keys to classrooms. Students authorized to be in these rooms sign out keys for the academic year.

  1. Go to the Music Office and pick up a Departmental Key Check Out card. You will need to show your Music Use Fee Card.
  2. Fill out the card and get the appropriate faculty member’s signature authorizing the key check out.
  3. Bring the signed card to the School office. You will be given a University Key Request card. Fill out that card, have the director sign it, and take it to the lock shop.
  4. Within two weeks your key will be ready. Please check with the Lockshop as they will not notify you. If the key goes unclaimed for two weeks after it is made, the Lockshop will cancel the order and you will have to initiate the entire process again.
  5. At the end of the Spring semester, keys must be turned in to the School office. If you leave school earlier, your key(s) must be surrendered. A hold will be put on all grades and records of students failing to turn in their keys. 

Room Key Liability:

The student is responsible for the room key(s) issued. If a key is lost or stolen, the student must notify both the School and the University Lock Shop as soon as possible. The student must pay for the lost or stolen key(s) and interview with the Director before the reissue of key(s). 

8.6.            Staff Technician and Use of Lab Facilities

Lab facilities are controlled by the faculty member in charge of each lab. Check in the School of Music & Dance Office (Mus 179) for the name of current faculty member in charge, or with the Staff Technician in room 268. 

Labs are all limited access rooms and lab cards are required to enable student access. Faculty members with lab facilities have lab cards for each semester. The student fills out the card, secures the proper faculty signature, then brings the lab card and the Music Use Fee card to the Music Office (Mus 179) to obtain entrance codes for the restricted rooms. Students must have paid their Music Use Fee and have the Use Fee Card in their possession BEFORE a faculty member will give them a lab card. 

Use of labs after hours (i.e., after 11:00 p.m. on weekdays or on weekends) requires instructor permission by the instructor writing “OK for after hours” on the back of the lab card. It also requires a signature from the Director of the School. 

Do not take food or drink into any of the lab facilities.