Facilities/Equipment 8.7 - 8.8

8.7.   Lab Key Code Access/Studio Rules

  • Individually issued School of Music and Dance access key codes for the studio entry locks are not to be shared with others. The key code bearer is not allowed to let those without key codes into the studio. Failure to comply will result in loss of key code. Individuals found in these studios without an officially issued key code will be asked to leave immediately and will be reported to security.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the studios at any time. Closed containers, such as water bottles, should be stowed in backpacks.
    • No writing upon or posting of notes on workstations, hardware, furniture, or walls is allowed.
  • The re-patching of cables and equipment other than the user accessible patch bays or the moving of cables, equipment, tables, or tampering with security devices within the studio is strictly prohibited. 
  • Users may not connect peripheral devices to studio hardware without permission. The School of Music and Dance is not responsible for any personal equipment lost or damaged in its studios.
  • No installation or removal of application and system software, or the changing of default video, printer, desktop, etc. parameters on studio workstations is allowed.
  • File storage on workstation is limited to classroom defined folders. All other material will be erased periodically.
  • Lab use is an extension of instruction of the School of Music and Dance, therefore, all work performed in the lab should support class assignments. Printing papers for other classes, personal email, live-chat messaging, surfing the web, etc. in a manner that is not part of School of Music and Dance assignments is not allowed.
  • Problems with any hardware or software should be written in the studio sign-in log in those studios where one is provided, or reported to the instructor or lab monitor.
  • Students using the printer in M124 must supply their own paper. Use paper designated for laser printers (not 3-ring binder paper, tractor-feed printer paper, etc.).

8.8.   Resource Center Check out Policy

The Resource Center for the School of Music and Dance is located in M114. The Resource Center houses ensemble/performance sets for the Bands, Choirs, and Orchestra. It also has a collection of chamber music, solo instrument music, reference books, and recordings. Contact Mr. Paul Olivo for more information.

Music Majors may check out music for use in a performance ensemble, a School of Music and Dance class, or applied lessons. Students must have paid the Music Use Fee before checking out music.

Check Out period:

  • Recordings (LP’s only) – 2 weeks.
  • Study scores – 2 weeks.
  • Music for classroom use only – Full semester.

Students will be required to pay for replacement of Resource Center materials that are lost or stolen while in the students possession (on- or off-campus). Materials not returned may result in a hold on your grades.