Facilities/Equipment 8.9 - 8.11

8.9.   Lockers

  • Qualified Music Students who have paid their Music Use Fee can have a Music building locker assigned to them by Mr. Paul Olivo for their use during the academic year. The particular locker assigned is dependent upon the student's area of emphasis and availability rather than individual preferences for location or type. Students must clear out their lockers by the end of the semester (notices will be posted). Failure to do so can result in the discarding of the locker's contents as well as a $25 Cleaning Fee which has to be cleared before grades and other academic materials are released by the School of Music and Dance.
  • Lockers are for the storage of academic material and music equipment only
  • No taped items, stickers, decals, writing, thumbtacks, painting, cutting, carving, marking, or similar forms of defacement of the lockers, including swinging from or standing on the locker doors, will be tolerated. Any individual found to have performed such vandalism will be reported to campus security, fined $500, and will not be allowed to check out a locker in the Music Building again.
  • Only School of Music and Dance locks assigned to the locker can be used. Any other lock found on a locker will be cut off, and the contents will be removed. No swapping of locks between lockers is allowed. Failure to comply will result in the loss of locker privileges. A fee of $25 will be charged for the loss of a School of Music and Dance lock.
  • The School of Music and Dance is not responsible for the loss or damage of equipment stored in the Music Building Lockers. Use at your own risk.

8.10.   Pianos, Harpsichords and Organs

  • Pianos, harpsichords, and organs are professionally maintained by our piano technician, Mr. Ernie Martinez. Students noting any problems with keyboard instruments should let Mr. Martinez know immediately. Students requesting tunings should access this form.
  • Grand pianos are available only for student practice with consent of the coordinator of keyboard studies.
  • No student may use a university organ without the permission of the applied organ instructor.

8.11.   Instrument Check Out Policy

The School of Music and Dance has a limited number of instruments available on a per semester basis for regularly enrolled students. See Mr. Paul Olivo for more details.

  • Music Majors who need an instrument for use in a performance ensemble, a music department class, or applied lessons.
  • Non-music majors who are participating in a music department performance ensemble.
  • Music Majors and non-music majors who need the instrument for Fundamental classes