Special Programs/Student Organizations 9.3

9.3.            Special Collections

Beethoven Center

The Ira. F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, opened in 1985, is the only center of its kind in the United States. It contains many valuable resources by Beethoven, including several original manuscripts. Further information can be obtained by calling (408) 808-2058or by checking the website: www.sjsu.edu/depts/beethoven. The Center is open forty hours a week from Monday through Saturday. 

Resource Center

The Music Resource Center is located in M114. Students may check out scores and records from the Resource Center, and also may consult the various reference books available there. Hours vary from semester to semester and are posted outside M114. Call (408) 924-4639 for further information. Other scores and recordings are located in the main library. 

Music Education Center

The Music Education Center is located in MUS168 and is open to all music education classes and students. General music instruments and printed resources for all levels and genres are available for perusal and research. Hours vary each semester and will be posted outside MUS168.