Applied Music Auditions 2.1 - 2.3

2.1.    Principal Area of Study

Each music major must declare, with approval of the appropriate applied committee, a principal performance medium and carry on continuous study in one of the following areas: 

Bass (acoustic/electric)  Oboe
Bassoon Organ
Cello Percussion
Clarinet Piano
Composition/ ElectroAcoustic Saxophone
Euphonium Trombone
Flute Trumpet
French horn Tuba
Guitar (acoustic/electric)                       
Harp Violin
Harpsichord Voice


2.2. Auditions

All new and transfer music majors must complete a major ensemble audition in their principal area of study before finalizing registration. Without these auditions, students cannot be officially accepted as Music Majors. Ensemble auditions in the following areas are held during registration week (subject to change):

Performance Area Location
Brass Music 270
Composition                  Music 226
Jazz Studies Music 186
Keyboard Music 112
Percussion Music 189
Strings Music 163
Voice Music 176
Woodwinds Music 253

2.3.    Performance Level Placement

For transfer students, these auditions will place each student at one of the following levels consistent with School of Music and Dance performance standards

     Level     Placement
1 Freshman Semester 1
2 Freshman Semester 2
3 Sophomore Semester 1
4 Sophomore Semester 2
5 Junior Semester 1
6 Junior Semester 2
7 Senior Semester 1
8 Senior Semester 2
9 Graduate Unclassified
10 Graduate Classified

* All students must pass a SJSU Junior Qualifying Jury prior to placement in level 5 or above. Transfer students who have had four semesters of applied lessons will remain at level 5 until the Junior Qualifying Jury is passed.

Students may be placed at an applied level below their university standing, especially if they have changed majors. Once any remediation has been completed, a student may request to be placed at a higher performance level at their regular semester-end applied jury.