General Information 1.5

1.5.   General Information for Music Students

Music Use Fee Card and Applied Music Fee and Registration

All music students must pay a music use fee in order to complete registration in the School of Music and Dance. Completely fill out the Applied Music Registration form, which enables you to get the permission code to sign up for applied lessons. You must pay the music use fee and obtain your instructor’s signature BEFORE the office will release the code. Bring the music use fee card with signatures and the completed, signed Applied Music Registration form to the School Office (Music room 179) and you will be given the appropriate permission code for your applied lessons. Applied lessons must be added no later than the end of the second week of instruction.

Drop/Add Courses

You may drop and add courses through MySJSU during the period of time indicated in the online Schedule of Classes. To add, get a permission number from the instructor when you attend the class, and enter it along with the class number. To drop, follow directions for dropping during the first week. If you do not attend the first class meeting the instructor also has the option to drop you. Dropping or adding after the given period will require paperwork, signatures, and possible fees. Get paperwork from Admissions and Records in the Student Services Center.

Requirements for Student Recitals

Here is the process you need to follow when booking a concert venue on campus for your recital. Be sure to read and complete the Student Recital Packet well before you plan to perform your recital!

Scholarship Recipients

See Ms. Lucy Yamakawa Cox in Music room 165 for financial information concerning scholarships. You must adhere to the contract requirements in your scholarship letter in order to continue to receive funding. All students receiving a named endowed scholarship will be asked to write a thank you letter to the donor; further information will be provided each semester.

Auditions and Placement Exams

  1. Instrumental ensemble and vocal ensemble auditions are held prior to the start of classes each semester. Fall 2015 audition dates are August 17, 18, and 19.  For vocal auditions, click here.  or string auditions click here. For woodwind and brass auditions see the sign-up sheet in the Music Building near room 179.
  2. Freshmen must complete a Music Systems/Theory placement exam during the first class meeting of Music 1A or Music 9 (Fall 2015, Monday August 24, 9:30AM).  
  3. Piano proficiency exams for those who have studied piano previous to college will be held August 18 and 19, 2015. Consult the Schedule of Classes for dates, times, and places. See 2.9 for piano requirements.

Voice Majors

Voice majors can change teachers only once. Consult the area coordinator and your current applied instructor for procedures. 

Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is a liberal arts degree allowing maximum flexibility for the student to shape a course of study. Students must meet with the Music Advisor to determine their course of study. The curriculum leads to a culminating senior project. Applied lessons are optional in the  degree and are only allowed with permission of the Area Coordinator and the School Director.

Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance, Composition, Jazz Studies and Music Education

The Bachelor of Music is a professional degree that is screened by audition only. Students interested in the Bachelor of Music in Performance, Composition, or Jazz studies should express interest at the first audition and follow instructions given by the respective applied faculty and music advisor. Admission to these programs after the second semester for freshmen or first semester for transfers will not be allowed. See catalog or advisement sheets for concentration requirements in Performance, Jazz Studies Composition, and Music Education. 

Advising Procedures

Each semester begins with a mandatory advising session for all majors (Fall 2015: Aug. 20, 2015, 12:30-1:20, Concert Hall). All freshmen must be individually advised during each for their first four semesters. Transfers must be individually advised during their first two semesters. If you do not meet with your music advisor, a hold flag will be placed on your record which can only be lifted after you have been advised.

Dr. Kathryn Adduci is the Advisor for all BA, BM-Performance, BM-Jazz Studies, and BM-Composition majors. Dr. Diana Hollinger is the Advisor for all BM-Education majors.  Dr. Gordon Haramaki is the Advisor for all Graduate students. It is your responsibility to make an appointment with your music advisor! 

If you are a transfer student, please bring advisement sheets and copies of all previous transcripts from other schools to your first meeting with your music advisor. For transfer students, the University will send GE assessments during the first semester of enrollment. If you are uncertain about GE requirements, make an appointment with the College of Humanities and Arts Student Success Center. Make sure you take the WST (Writing Skills Test)as soon as possible upon transferring, or in any case before your junior year. Details are here.

Continuing students should be advised at least once a year and must certify graduation requirements three semesters before graduation. 

Academic Standards

Music students are encouraged to maintain high academic standards and level of applied performance. While an average of “C” in all major course work is required, students are encouraged to maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA in order to meet minimum standards for many graduate schools. (Note that a minimum grade of “C-“ must be met in all music courses.) While the Music Office makes every effort to notify students of their academic status, it is the student's responsibility to continuously monitor his or her own academic standing at

All BM students will be required to pass jury examinations in respective applied areas at the end of each semester. Failure to pass these examinations will result in probation or possible dismissal from the program.

Students are encouraged to attend the many live faculty and student performances available on campus and in the greater Bay area.